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Conrad Walton's Face Hello. My name's Conrad Walton.
I'm rude and sarcastic.

Please don't judge me just because I'm different than you. When you have a web site about CHRISTIANITY, people get upset about it. Then, throw in the subject of HALLOWEEN, and people just seem to lose control.

I get email from all kinds of people. I get letters from Christians criticizing me for how I don't capitalize words. I get letters from witches. I get letters from cruel, mean intolerant wackos (wait...that's what they called me. Never mind...) I get all kinds of letters. This web site has brought me a lot of criticism from all sides, except the Witches. They seem to be the most understanding and tolerant. I think we have the trait of getting bashed for our minority religious beliefs in common.

This all started a couple years ago because I have a friend who wrote a book called Christian Alternatives to Halloween. It's a nice book. You should check it out and buy it. Here's the original site. What you're reading now, is the second version of the site. Lou wrote the book (and the history page) while I did the cheezy graphics and wrote rude, sarcastic remarks about the email we got and I wrote this page. He's the nice one. I'm the tall one.

Then, a Witch wrote a letter asking that we don't bash Witches. That's cool.I don't want to bash anyone (OK, I DO want to bash stupid people). I put it on the web site. It generated a lot of email. I responded to the email. It was fun.

I realized that the Witches were pretty cool. They may be theologically wrong, but they make some kind of sense at least, and they're very nice. The Christians were pretty cool. They are (mostly) theologically correct and generally pretty nice (but not always).

But the rest of you guys! I can't believe the kind of stuff I have to put up with. You guys are all crazy, judging from the email I get. Either you're personally abusive or make absolutely no sense at all. You're stupid! You can't think things through logically at all. I was shocked at what passes for rational thought these days.

So, I attacked it. I hate lazy thinking, emotional, irrational diatribes, and intolerant abuse. You seem to jump to a bunch of conclusions without thinking about any them, then condemn me for being something that you've decided that I am. Sheesh.

Some common themes seemed to appear that I will try to correct here. I believe that all of these statements are true:

  • The bible teaches that all people are going to Hell if they don't have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. (Sorry- it's not my fault. I'm not making this up. It's really what it says!)

  • You're not going straight to Hell because you dress up your sweet little girl as a ballerina on Halloween and have fun. You are going to Hell if you don't have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. It's a completly different reason you're going to Hell.

  • Going to Hell has nothing to do with being good or bad, but only on your relationship with Jesus.

  • The Bible actually has a few other verses in it beside that one that everyone seems to know about, "Love your neighbors". (Have you seen a bible lately? They're really thick.)

  • Loving your neighbor does not include always being nice at all costs. Sometimes to love someone, you must disagree with them, correct them, instruct them, or provoke them (like this!).

  • If you want to disregard the Bible as a source of truth, that's fine, but then you can't bring it up later as a reason to bash me.

  • If you are going to accept the Bible as source of truth, then we can both talk from a common point of view, but Come On!, at least read the thing before you bash me for not knowing what it says.

  • Witches really do exist and their theology is mutually exclusive with Christianity. If you say you are a Christian Witch, then you either don't understand Christianity or you don't understand Witches.

  • Christianity has a point of view that includes an explanation of Witches. Our view is that Satan is deceiving them and that they are being guided by demonic spirits.

  • Witches have a point of view that includes an explanation of Christianity. Their view is that we are deceived and unenlightened, that we don't understand that the earth is the source of all power and life.

  • Witches do not believe in or worship Satan. They believe that Satan was invented by Christians to instill guilt and obedience.

  • Christians do believe that Satan exists and has influence over people here, now on earth, maybe even at your house.

  • There is only ONE truth. We can argue all day about what that truth is, but there's only one. If you and I disagree, we both can't be right. This is true about religious stuff too. We can't all be right.

  • My belief is that you are going to Hell if you don't have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. If you want to be "tolerant of everyone's beliefs", then you have to accept my belief that you are wrong ("Here, tolerate this"). We can't both be right, remember?

OK, enough for now. Go read the email and hear more of my rants. Before you jump to any conclusions, I really don't think the whole Halloween subject is that big of a deal. Jesus and "Going to Hell" is, but hey, lighten up and go have a Happy Halloween! You Christians reading this, Take Back The Night! What they meant for evil, God means for good. Celebrate Halloween to the Glory of God. Whatever you do, do it to the Glory of God.

Send me email at conrad@walton.com, but only after you actually read what I've said. Don't make yourself look stupid.

One last thing. I was asked what I thought parents/teachers should do when schools do Witch related things on Halloween. I thought they should object because of the "separation of church and state". If we can't pray in school, then, dar n it, they can't do Witch stuff either.

Go read the best response that I've ever received about this page! He got me! He had a better answer than I do. He proved me wrong on a couple issues and brought some very, very good points. Check it out!